Warehousing Services

Our state-of-the-art facilities are strategically located to optimize your supply chain.

From short-term storage to comprehensive distribution services, our warehousing is designed to seamlessly integrate into your business operations. Experience a new level of flexibility and reliability as we safeguard your goods with precision, ensuring they are readily available whenever and wherever you need them.





Bonded Warehouse Solutions

We offer bonded warehouse solutions not only to local companies but also to foreign companies, without having to set up a registered company in Myanmar, as a non-resident inventory program. With our free zone warehouse solution, customers can defer customs duties to improve cash flow and shorten the lead time.



General Warehouse

We offer our customers tailored warehousing services based on their diverse and unique requirements. We find great satisfaction in tailoring warehouse solutions that help our customers achieve their storage, fulfillment, and distribution goals.

Warehouse Racking-1


Warehouse Racking-1




DG Cargo Storage

Our specialized expertise and rigorous protocols ensure that your hazardous materials are managed with the utmost care throughout the supply chain. Trust us to navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, providing you with peace of mind while we safeguard your cargo.

With scalable storage solutions tailored to our specific demands, Daizen Myanmar has proven to be an instrumental partner in our logistics success, setting a new standard for reliability and adaptability in warehousing services

Supply Chain Director

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