Transportation Services

We make sure your cargo reaches its destination smoothly and swiftly.

Our fleet of state-of-the-art trucks, coupled with experienced drivers, ensures that your goods move seamlessly across the country. Whether it's full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL) shipments, we tailor our trucking solutions to meet your specific needs. Benefit from real-time tracking, efficient route planning, and a commitment to on-time deliveries.

Heavy Truck Transportation



Heavy Truck Transportation

Looking for efficient bulk transportation services within Myanmar? Look no further. Daizen is the go-to choice, with a fleet of trucks ranging from 32 to 45 feet, each capable of carrying a load capacity of 15 to 32 tons or 58 to 87 m3. Our extensive network of vehicles and trusted subcontractors, strategically located in major cities, ensures reliable and competitive logistics for your cargo across Myanmar.

Small Truck Delivery

In Myanmar, where the majority of retail stores and factories are on the smaller side, light trucks play a vital role in logistics. Our impressive range of trucks, ranging from 10ft to 21ft, offers you the freedom to select the perfect vehicle size for payloads spanning from 1.5 to 9 tons. Whether you require the transportation of raw materials between factories or the delivery of finished goods to retail stores, Daizen's expert transportation team is equipped to meet all your Myanmar delivery needs, utilizing our fleet of GPS-tracked vehicles.

Small Truck Delivery


Finished Car Export (1)



Finished Car Transportation

Anticipate substantial growth in the automotive industry as Myanmar's economy flourishes with improved infrastructure and the establishment of numerous car manufacturing plants. With an extensive array of GPS-tracked car carriers, our services encompass a wide range of deliveries, from bulk shipments to individual transportation, spanning from ports to gardens, factories, and showrooms.

Choosing Daizen for our transportation needs was a smart move. Their modern trucks and experienced drivers make sure our cargo gets where it needs to go, right on time. Daizen Myanmar isn't just a transportation service; they're like a reliable friend for our business, always there when we need them.

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